About us

“TTMT” UAB is a company with many years of experience and competency in the field of metalworking equipment. We represent and supply the products of TaeguTec, Victor Taichung, Rolleri and other manufacturers to Lithuanian and Baltic markets of metalworking industry. We offer a wide range of products from miniature metalworking tools to powerful metalworking machines. We provide consultations, CNC programming services, organize trainings and sell 3D design software.

Well-known automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, railway, power generation industry, medical companies and small representatives of the metalworking industry work with the tools we supply.

We have a wide selection of TaeguTec tools in our warehouses and guarantee to receive products in the shortest possible time. We are also able to offer the production of special tools.

Our main activities:

  • sales of industrial metalworking tools;
  • selection and delivery of technological equipment, metalworking and bending machines;
  • technical service, maintenance and repair of the supplied equipment;
  • organization of supply of tools, equipment and their spare parts.

Engineering services:

  • selection of special equipment;
  • implementation of metal processing technologies;
  • staff training.


We offer only the best products to our customers and we wish you a perfect result!

UAB TTMT – for you and with you since 2011